Saturday, March 1, 2014

Euphoria and Barbiturates

I am aware of the disagreement in my title.  But having now ventured into the world of wanting to make change for students, and after spending countless hours reflecting on what others have done (reading blogs and following pioneers on the twitter) and going to conferences for technology, I have found that it has truly rejuvenated my thoughts about my teaching!  I feel SO ALIVE!  I don't have enough hours in the day to learn more or try more!  Sometimes when I talk with others, I find myself talking so fast because my thoughts are racing much faster than the words can exit my mouth!  I think it safe to say that I have "big gulped the punch!"  And this state of euphoria seems endless, and I hope it really is!!

Enter "Debbie Downers".  You know what I'm talking about:  the barbiturates that we sometimes work with.  They are usually easy to spot in the teacher's lounge because they are there spilling their depressant drug on everyone.  My mind wonders how they roll out of bed everyday and force themselves to go to work.   Even more mind boggling is how they think they don't need to make any changes in what they do with students!  And, that if they "buck the system enough", it will bend to meet THEIR needs (no change).  It's impossible to go through a week without their "vibe" falling on you in some way.

I'm so grateful for the professional learning network, OF POSITIVITY, that twitter gives me.  Thank you twitter educators for being my fountain of never ending punch!!  Without you, I fear I would give into the barbiturates. Thank you district colleagues who go to Saturday trainings, without pay, because you want to be able to offer your students something more. You inspire me to do bigger and better things too!  When my husband, who is not an educator, can spy on my twitter channels and comment "that is so positive", I know that I have found the "fountain of youth!".


  1. I love your enthusiasm for the work you will be doing for your students. The thing that is really cool is that you will be influencing so many other students with your campaign to invigorate the other teachers in your department. You get to pave the way, make the mistakes and help them learn, so that they can teach their kids. Investing time in yourself and others pays off!

    1. I'm SURE there will be plenty of mistakes. Hopefully THAT alone gives the others power to try. It is a journey, not a destination. I think the barbiturates believe in destination only...and that they arrived at it a long time ago. That is the sad part for students. Thanks for your continued encouragment!