Thursday, February 27, 2014

Expecting to fail

I recently watched a video clip done by the great Michael Jordan:
I love this video!  It reminds us that we should expect failures. They are going to happen, and actually if they don't, that would quite probably be the proof that we are not human.  As a teacher, I am well aware of my failures:  I can't always get papers graded and back as quick as I'd like, a lesson doesn't go the way I wanted it to (insert interruptions and student misunderstandings here), I didn't respond well to a student I interacted with, and the list could continue (but I'm sure you can relate).

However, as a teacher, I am aware that I need to embrace those failures as an opportunity to rethink, ponder, revise and try again.  Since my profession has the performance piece embedded into it, I have to remember that every "act" will not be my best.  But it is my continued practice that helps me hone my skills as well as my conscientious thought about what the goal is/and how do I achieve that.

I'm looking forward to my failures (with flipped classroom), because I know they will help me grow and perfect my craft.  I write this mainly to remind myself, and so I will have something to read on those days when I am at a low point, because I'm sure I will be my biggest critic and I'll need this encouragement.

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