Monday, October 6, 2014

Pauls Online Notes

Yup!!  I know it's hard to believe, but I found yet another online resource for AP Calc this weekend, and used it today.  It's called Pauls Online Notes and it has a TON of stuff that teachers can use!!  So I had great plans and spent some time "fixing it" so that I could print out some nice graphs, print on cardstock and laminate so my students could write on them (with the dry erase marker) as they located maximums and minimums.  But, of course, the Xerox machine had a different plan entirely (not working first thing Monday morning).  So much for getting to school early to make all that happen.  Even had the library staff turn on the laminator for me. GRRRRR.....

But wait...the backup plan!  Let's use the chromebooks.  We haven't used them in over a week because the related rate problems don't lend themselves to "fast answers" there was no point.  I simply attached the link to the School webpage and off we go!!  Students were able to use their mini whiteboards and accomplish the same task (crisis averted!).  I did manage to copy (via Duplo machine) the worksheet I had planned to accompany the laminated cards and had students put that worksheet in a page protector so they could write on it (dry erase).  All that worked perfectly too.  We go the task done and I heard a lot of ooooohhhhs and aaaaahhhhhs as they talked in their teams.

Stats was a test day.  Hopefully the extra days they ended up having paid off, in addition to the practice pages I gave them.  Tomorrow we begin the project of univariate and bivariate data analysis.  I am excited to have the students work on this!

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  1. Paula

    You should also check out Houston Area Calculus Teachers as a great Calculus resource.