Sunday, September 28, 2014

What do we do if log of y doesn't straighten our data?


We worked more related rates problems together today. I gave them some sample problems and walked them through them as the "pre notes" before they watch their video notes tonight.  What I'm finding is that either (a) I'm a much better teacher and did a much better job this year, or (b) all my students are incredibly smarter than last year's group or (c) this strategy we use in class is REALLY working.  Why am I surprised?  There is still the thought that it might not work as well as the old, boring, traditional way (old habits die SO hard!!).  I have to say that the problems from are extremely well done and sequenced.  When the students are rushing ahead or saying "these are easy", I know I have found a useful tool!

Saturday School

I had approximately 18 Calc students work for FOUR hours on Calculus problems today!  It was AWESOME!!  They got a little "calc crazy" around 11:00 so I had them switch gears and try a Tarsia puzzle I made involving f(x) and f'(x).  That really made them think, but seemed so much more fun.  Great way to draw them back in!  Can't wait for the next Saturday school!  I think those that came got a lot of practice out of it!

We continued exploring regression models today.  I had them practice another problem to generate an exponential model and be able to write the final equation.  Then we moved on to a new data set and lo and behold, applying log to the y values was not sufficient to straighten out the data.  So what do we do? 

Bell rings (perfect timing AGAIN)!!  Students groaned because they really want to know what to do.  I LOVE creating all this anticipation!!

Saturday School
While the Calc students were on one side of the room the Stats students were on the other (9 in all), and they worked solid for the FOUR hours also.  I had a few free response and some multiple choice problems for them.  Multiple choice are challenging!  I even had to think about a few of them.  Think I will "reward" those that were they by throwing a couple of those questions on the next test.  Hopefully they recall them.

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