Thursday, September 11, 2014

So many awesome websites, so little time!


After having a discussion about graphs of velocity and acceleration and doing some graphing on the mini whiteboards, I had the students go to the maths online website (this is a website created at a German University for online/distant learning) that has an interactive matching activity.  As a matter of fact, there are several resources on this website that are interactive for math at various levels.  It was so useful.  The students who understood it were enjoying the fact that they could get them correct repeatedly, but I told them they needed to check on their partner to see if they were getting them correct every time as well.

NOTE:  DO NOT let every student have a computer.  It totally shuts down ALL the conversation, AND a lot of learning DOESN'T HAPPEN.  In some of the classes, there are more computers available because there are fewer students.  I literally have to go to them and start asking questions because they "hide" behind the computer (i.e. they just attempt to do the problems alone and don't talk).  This is the "kiss of death." After today, I will make sure they HAVE to share when doing these types of activities on the laptops.


All I can say on test days is that I become REALLY POPULAR at lunch.  There were SEVERAL in my room at lunch getting last minute help before the test.  I hope it paid off for them!!

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