Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Product and quotient rule conjoined with "are you normal?"


Guilty as charged...I teach tricks sometimes too. Product and quotient rules for derivatives are one of those times you just have to memorize the formulas.  So here goes (for quotient):

"Lo D-Hi minus Hi D-Lo all over Lo squared"

Fortunately for my students, they attend Lo High (Los Osos High) so it helps them to remember that that part comes first (Lo High!!).  But oh how the problems are challenging. Today was definitely a "whiteboard needed" day.  But I love how the students jump right to it.  They get so excited sometimes that they just can't help but give hints to the other groups next to them.  Interestingly enough, while you might think that they potentially would look at other group's work to get hints, they really are in their own little bubbles working away.  They are determined!  I love it!  I simply have to walk around, check for understanding, give a few hints, point out a few errors and the rest of the time, they are doing their own monitoring.

Did I mention how much I LOVE the whiteboards?!! Most amazing thing I've ever done in my classroom.  Baffled at why I never thought of it sooner...saddened that I haven't actually.


We got to use our sheep data today!! Guess what...it was definitely NOT normal.  But since I had peeked at it earlier, I had created another column of the difference (between 1st trial and 2nd trial for each student), and that was a little closer.  Well, it was symmetric at least.  We used this site to check the normal probability plot to see after we used Statkey (one of the MOST AMAZING site for stats ever!) to look at the shapes of each list of data. I love being able to expose them to different sites.  Being knowledgeable about the technology available will be important to them in their futures, so it is part of my mission to give them as many opportunities now as possible.

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