Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Master Math Mentor

Sometimes a worksheet CAN get the job done!  Enter mastermathmentor.com!!  If you are a Calculus teacher and you haven't looked at this resource, you need to.....NOW!  The website has so much stuff.  Not all of it is free, but if you don't mind working the problems with your students, which I highly recommend, then you could consider it free.  In addition to classwork and homework all neatly tied into one document, there are quizzes, powerpoint, games, projects and AP Test review. Even better, its not just for Calculus. There is material for Stats and Pre-Calculus!! Get a cup of coffee and have fun perusing all the material that is there! 

I used the worksheets on Implicit Differentiation today (both Classwork and Homework).  Students were so engaged working the problems on the whiteboards.  Cannot say enough positive things about the power of those whiteboards!  Lots of learning today! You can probably spot the "hams"!

Every year, at the beginning, it is a struggle to get students to stop obsessing over all the new information. It's kind of like riding a roller coaster and you are on the "up" section for a really long time (stuck there perhaps).  They just want to get to that quick downhill part and I want to linger in the climb.  So it's a battle between "them" and me.  Today was no different.  We are looking at regression analysis and some with computer output instead of having the data.  I think I have made enough of a big deal about putting the prediction equation in context that it has finally stuck.  But when it comes to interpretation of slope, r, r squared or the y-intercept, hair starts flying out!  It's the WRITING that is the most painful because they are not used to having to describe in words.  I know it will develop, but for the moment, some are struggling.

Tomorrow we look at WHY we look at residuals. Hopefully their questions get some answers  because they have NOT been patient waiting.

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