Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Histograms and stem plots and box plots (OH MY!)

It is amazing what the internet world can bring into the classroom!  This week we have used a program made by Ohio State University (Mooculus), a practice set made by Cal State LA (National Curve Bank) and a practice set made by UC Davis (Limits of a function). I really think this has helped the students understand the concept of limits so much better than last year.  They really struggled with it last year, but I think all the "hands on learning" by practicing and practicing and practicing with the instant feedback and help from me and their teammates (groups of 4) really helped.  I think the lessons had that real element of "stickiness" that we all hope for as teachers.  I know some of the students actually went online at home and played with it some more!  It doesn't get any better than that!  I've realized that the biggest bonus to being able to access all the college materials is that my students are now getting exposed to COLLEGE material while they are still in high school!  I'm expecting to hear great stories, after they head off to respective colleges, about how overly prepared they were, both mathematically and technologically for their college math courses. 

Statistics students did a practice set online at ( today.  Some of the problems had errors in the answers and the students quickly found them.  They wrestled with the graphics not being perfect so we had a chat about how to compare "bad graphics" in order to select a correct answer.  These types of  problems will exist in the real world for them (can you say..."I never get to speak to a human when I call.....".  Technology sometimes causes more problems for us doesn't it?)  I love listening to all the "buzzing" while they are working together to convince each other that there answer is correct.  Just when they think they know everything about graphs and graphing, I throw them a curve ball and they have to readjust their thinking.  I love expanding their minds!!

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